腾冲 - 创慧设计公司
  • 设计单位 |
  • 项目地点 | 云南腾冲
  • 项目面积 | 28000平方米
  • 设计范围 | 全案
  • 设计时间 | 2020年
  • Design unit |
  • Project location | Tengchong, Yunnan
  • The project area is | 28,000 square meters
  • Design scope | Whole case
  • Design time | 2020
Based on the hotel design of a city, it is necessary to understand and interpret the urban culture. Tengchong, the pearl of southwest Yunnan, is the end of Xu Xiake's decades-long journey. The exquisite and unusual geomorphic environment, the turbulent history and culture for thousands of years, and the wonderful and incomparable foreign nationalities... Each item is so fascinating. This is a rare and typical volcanic geothermal co-existence area in the world, so the hotel design, from architecture, landscape to interior design, is all around the local characteristic elements -- volcanic hot spring, ginkgo, jade, as well as tea and horse ancient road and horse culture derivative and throughout the creation. While emphasizing the local stone and volcanic rock, the soft curves of the style and the arch contrast sharply with the seriousness of the Tengchong volcanic environment, when juxtaposed with the straight edges of the volcanic rock trail and the lobby column wall, it presents a sculptural form.



With tengchong culture as the starting point, traditional materials and colors such as ginkgo biloba and jadeite with local characteristics are extracted and transformed into design elements to create an environment containing traditional Oriental beauty, so as to provide different check-in experience. The relationship between the environment and the design space is extended to the place atmosphere of the interior space, and the correlation between the self-consciousness of the hotel space and the urban culture is discussed.


Hotel lobby use lines, rules, shapes, and metallic elements such as the strength of rendering space and multiple perspectives, blend in local cultural and historical precipitation hotel design, lively depicts the “silk road” southwest of tengchong, as a hub, “tea ma gu” last stand two big Chinese civilization history, detailed explanation about the journey in Chinese culture and the long tradition of hospitality fashion, experience in hotel of international fashion style at the same time, also can savor profound culture of the ancient city in one thousand.


The beauty and legend of Tengchong still exist in every inch of its land and time. The ginkgo trees here are full of sounds, hidden in the mountains, and now among the smoke of the farm, where the wind blows, the yellow leaves are floating, beautiful. Like an oil painting. Through extremely simple modern design and composition techniques to create completely natural works, the hotel design itself is a very ingenious work of art.


The design abandoned the boundary of space, so that people, people and nature can only communicate freely in the space, and enjoy the quiet, warm and harmonious life. The soft act the role ofing such as woodiness structure and elegant sofa, furnishing piece complement each other, bring out the best in each other. Su Shi said: “and the new fire to try the new tea, poetry wine while the time”. When sitting idly overlooking the mountains, occasionally tea, occasionally reading, just live up to the good time at this time.


Walking into here, you will find the collision between tradition and modernity, ranging from the overall style to the lighting decorations, mountains and rivers, and time and amorous feelings in your eyes. Experience the wonderful combination of modern design techniques and millennium culture!